Greek Gods and Human Mythtakes

Greek Myths are arguably the most influential stories ever told, with their influences seen everywhere today. From the iconic Medusa logo (Versace) to the Nike Wings of Vicotry (Nike). But what about the Greek Myths has set it apart from the others? In a world in which Olympians are petty, vain, short-tempered, and even roguish, it’s hard to understand what makes it have such a lasting impression. Our podcast focuses on how unfortunate the Greeks were when they garnered the attention of an Olympian, and how drastically their lives were altered.

It‘a best not to garner the attention of the deathless Olympians.

Now that we've wrapped up Homer's great works, we return back to the very beginning in the Greek Mythology. In this episode we highlight the creation of the world, the many children of Chaos and Nyx, and give Thanatos his time to shine. 

The moment has finally come to a head. Every slight Odysseus has endured will be repaid, tenfold. In this episode Odysseus strikes back at the suitors and takes back his palace, Penelope is unsure if the man in her presence is really Odysseus and tests his knowledge of their bed, and Ithaca's nobles rise to arms to fight back against Odysseus. 

In this next to last episode of The Odyssey, we will see Odysseus finally talk with his wife Penelope and partake in an archery contest. Tune in to find out how it plays out!

In this episode of "Undercover King", Odysseus maintains his disguise as an old beggar and finally comes face to face with the suitors and is challenged to a wrestling match with the town drunk. However, prior to the match Odysseus shows off his giant thighs and puts him into a world of hurt.

After battling cyclops, fighting off seductive goddesses--Although only after he allowed himself to succumb to their advances for years, listening to Sirens, journeying to the underworld, and surviving Scylla; Odysseus has embarked--or disembarked-- on his greatest challenge yet... His homecoming.

The stakes are set, the suitors are in place to kill his son Telemachus and will kill Odysseus if they recognize him. Odysseus decides to go "undercover boss" in this episode, to see how his country has been ruled in his absence.  

How does a hero surpass a feat of blinding a Cyclops? Odysseus' journey continues to become more Epic. In this Episode Odysseus becomes he lover of Circe, journeys to the underworld, survives Charybdis and Scylla, and experiences the lovely sounds of the Sirens.

What happens when the hero violates Xenia and is trapped inside a cave with a Cyclops? In this episode we discuss the most iconic scene of the Odyssey as Odysseus tells his epic journey. 

In our previous episode we left off with Odysseus' son, Telemachus, trying to learn the fate of his father--now missing for over ten years. Telemachus learns his father is not only alive, but is a prisoner to a goddess' every whim and desire. How will Odysseus ever escape his current predicament 

Troy is sacked, Hector and Achilles are dead, Helen is returned, and the Greeks are returning home. The Greeks indulged themselves a little too much with their pillaging, and now they have to fight the elements and the gods on their way home. Where is Odysseus? It's up to his son to discover.

Patroclus is dead, and Hector's doom is sealed. Priam is forced to watch in horror as Achilles unleashes his entire wrath upon Hector and desecrates his dead body. With the help of the gods, Priam risks it all (The war and his life) to try to give his son the proper burial rites.

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